Scania R450

Mua de los muertos

Scania R450

"Dia de los muertos"-Edition

The vehicle is a Mega / Lowliner tractor. Thanks to the adjustable saddle plate, the vehicle can move all types of trailers.
The vehicle is captivating by an elaborate paint job with the motto – dia des los muertos. The motto is also found inside.



Driver: Caroline Wallbrecher
License plate: B-FX-8320
Vehicle: Scania R 450
Performance: 450 HP
Interior: individually made leather interior from
Motto: Dia de los muertos
Airbrush from:



Type: Mega Faltwandkoffer RnR Rampe  
Length: 13.48 meters
Width: 2.50 meters
Height: 2.80 meters
Payload: 22 tons
Pallet pitches: 33
Special features: The trailer impresses with its extremely low loading sill and the possibility to open it completely on one side. It offers the security of a suitcase, but also the possibility of a side loading, like a tarpaulin
By default the trailer always carries a 4 meter RnR ramp