Our goal: sustainable success.

At Fairexx we do not work to earn money blindly. We believe in long-term trust and not short-term profits. That means: We search and find exactly the solution that leads both our partners and us to success. This is the only way to ensure fair cooperation. We have been working with many of our customers for years. What can we do for you?

Traffic in and around cities is increasing. The demands placed on logistics solutions are becoming ever more complex. This is why we supply not only goods and merchandise, but also concepts for optimizing and controlling the flow of traffic. The goal: smooth processes and more planning security for your project.

With us the human being stands before the profit. When an employee becomes ill, Fairexx takes care of everything from care to costs. When a partner is in a tight spot, we draw on over 30 years of experience to find a solution. And in the field, everyone wears the same uniform.

Challenges wait at every corner. In order to master them, we sometimes leave the industry boundaries behind us. On our behalf, an IT partner developed software for a customer that optimized his supply chain. So we could help him better than if we had only transported his goods.