Scania S 590

Scania S 590


The vehicle is a standard tractor unit and was designed to represent Finland.
The truck features the the Demi god Väinämöinen , the main character of the Finnish national epic Kalevala  , the front is designed with a ” Hannunvakuuna” – an ancient Finnish charm to protect the truck .


Driver: Marcel Heitmann
License plate: B-FX-1894
Vehicle: Scania S 590
Performance: 590 HP V8
Interior: Custom leather interior from Sjaak Kentie
Airbrush by MW Designs NL
Motto: Väinämöinen



Type: Ekeri – Folding Wall Box Trailer
Length: 13.40 meters
Width: 2.50 meters
Height: 2.60 metres
Payload: 21 tons
Pallet pitches: 33
Special features: fold down tail lift